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3 Ways to Make Sure Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Sticks

Sophy's Clinique » 3 Ways to Make Sure Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Sticks


3 Ways to Make Sure Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Sticks

Posted By sophyspublisher

The New Year is in full swing, and if you’re like much of the nation, you’ve committed to losing some weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. While you may be enjoying watching the pounds fly off the scale, the true test is maintaining your weight loss when you begin to plateau. This year, make sure your resolutions sticks by not just changing your diet but by altering your thought processes for a lifetime of better health.

Understand Why People Fail

Many people who lose weight don’t keep it off. Instead of letting that discourage you, analyze the most common reasons for failure and resolve to learn from other peoples’ mistakes. Weight gain often comes from feeling dissatisfied because of the following:

  • Binge dieting. Many people are sick of seeing extra pounds every time they look in the mirror, and they want to lose it fast. They severely restrict calories, which leads not only to rapid weight loss, but to feelings of deprivation. The hormones that regulate appetite adjust and your metabolism slows to compensate, and your body holds on to every calorie you allow it. When you return to normal eating habits, your starving body packs on fat to protect itself for the next famine.
  • Poor dieting habits. If your eating is based on calorie restriction or fad diets, your habits aren’t sustainable. Prioritize healthy eating that incorporates foods you enjoy.
  • Unhealthy mindsets. If your goal is weight loss and you think of dieting as a temporary activity, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead provide your body with the nutrients it needs and think of proper eating as a lifetime process.

Exercise Regularly

There’s a simple formula for weight loss. If you subtract the calories you burn from the ones you ingest and end up with a negative number, you’ll lose weight. That can be tough when you need calories to fuel daily activities.

Exercise helps you burn calories not just while you’re active, but while you’re at rest. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes of physical activity a week or up to 60 minutes a day for weight loss. Exercise creates a negative energy balance.

More isn’t always better. An American Journal of Physiology study followed overweight, inactive men and compared the weight loss of participants who exercised 30 minutes a day to those who exercised 60 minutes a day. The men who exercised 30 minutes daily lost the same amount of body fat and had a greater negative energy balance.

Do It for You

After the holidays, you were probably ready to start a diet after weeks of indulging in rich food and drink and struggling to zip your pants, but now it might be starting to get difficult. Remind yourself of the reasons you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

Write out the physical activities you will be more able to enjoy when you reach your weight loss goals. Journal about how healthy eating impacts your future health. Remind yourself how making positive changes affectinto every area of your life. Post your list somewhere you can see it regularly.

At Sophy’s Clinique, we help clients reach their health goals with fitness training and medical weight loss. Let us help you keep your resolutions when you contact us today.