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Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer (Microlipoinjection)


What is Autologous Fat Transfer?

Autologous means we use your own tissue as a filler for restoring volume. It is a natural alternative to synthetically manufactured fillers, and provides a natural appearance with no side effects.

What is the fat transfer process?

Also referred to as fat grafting, the process removes fat from your own abdomen or thighs. We use only a tiny amount of fat in the removal process, so it does not quite equate to liposuction.

Microlipoinjection procedure:

  1. Gently remove excess fat.
  2. Isolate and cleanse fat cells.
  3. Transplant fat cells to cheeks, chin, under-eye, lips, or anywhere volume is desired

What can the microlipoinjection process correct?

Autologous fat transfer corrects facial problems such as:

  • wrinkles (nasolabial fold and glabellar furrows)
  • facial scarring or lipoatrophy (loss of facial fat)
  • can be used in conjunction with other facial treatments or fillers such as Radiesse or BOTOX.

Restore hands, or enhance breasts or buttocks via the fat transfer process. This process is safe for improving cheeks, jawline, lips, eyebrows, or under the eyes or nose.

Volume restoration adds radiance, improves skin tone, and improves the shape of your face, and brings a youthful glow to your appearance. Contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can help improve your shape.