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Waxing Phoenix & Scottsdale

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Waxing Costs: All areas may be purchased in packages.

Buy 6 and get 1 free or Buy 9 and get 2 free.

Waxing Phoenix | Eyebrow Waxing Scottsdale | Bikini Wax AZ



Ask our Wax Specialists to review certain shapes and styles best for your facial structure.

  • Full: Entire face area. Includes Cheek, Chin, Eye Brows, Lip, Nose, Front of Neck, and Side Burns. $31.
  • Sideburns: Both side burns. $10.
  • Eyebrows: Both eye brows waxed. $15.
  • Ears: Both ears. Popular choice for men. $12.
  • Cheeks: Both cheeks. $10.
  • Nose: Both nose nostrils. Another good choice for men’s waxing. $10.
  • Lips: Either the upper or lower lip. Each lip is a separate service. $8.
  • Chin: Complete waxing of the chin. $8.
  • Neck: Either the front or back of the neck. Each neck area is a separate service. $9.


Arms and Hands

  • Half Arm: Half Arm includes both arms waxed either from the shoulder to the elbow, or from the elbow to the wrist. Does not include Hands. $24.
  • Full Arm: Full Arms includes both arms from the shoulders down. Includes Hands. $30.
  • Under Arms: Both under arms. $15.
Hands: Waxing of both hands. Includes fingers. $10.



  • Full: From the bottom neck line to the waist line. $22.
  • Lower: Mid-back to the waist line. $14.
  • Upper: The mid-back to the bottom neck line. Does not include Shoulders. $14.


Shoulders, Chest, Stomach

Shoulders: Both shoulders waxed. $12.

Chest: Upper torso area. Does not include Stomach or Stomach Strip. $17.


  • Strip: Waxing of a 2″-3″ wide area from the belly button down to the waist line. $10.
  • Full: Waxing of the complete stomach area. Does not include Chest. $19.


Legs and Toes

  • Full Legs: Complete waxing of both legs. Includes Toes. $58.
  • Lower Legs: Waxing of both legs from knee to the ankle. Includes Toes. $30.
  • Upper Legs: Waxing of both legs from the knee up. $32.

Toes: Waxing of all toes on both feet. $10.

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