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Botox Cosmetic Injections

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Why use Botox Cosmetic Injections?

These days, people want a quick fix for wrinkles without the downtime of surgery. Look and feel years younger in just a few minutes with a BOTOX Cosmetic Injection treatment, at Sophy’s Clinique!

Botox Phoenix - Cosmetic Injections, Dysport, Xeomin

Dysport & Xeomin injection is the most effective treatment available to smooth unwanted wrinkles. BOTOX is everybody’s favorite treatment because it really works. On average, within 4-7 days of your treatment, lines on your forehead, around your eyes and in between your eyebrows disappear like magic. It’s fast; safe; effective; affordable at Sophy’s Clinique.

Popular areas include:

  • the forehead
  • glabella (between eyebrows)
  • crows feet
  • corners of the mouth
  • jelly rolls under the eye

Our Nurse Practitioners and MD’s have years of experience and offer the highest quality of treatments, insuring the best results for our patients.

How do BOTOX injections work?

It is directly injected into muscles you want to relax. Injections enter the nerve endings, blocking the release of acetylcholine (the chemical that causes muscles to contract). BOTOX injections are extremely specific in how it works to block the release of acetylcholine. The injections relax specific muscles. Once your muscles are relaxed, your skin becomes smoother, creating a more natural, youthful, and relaxed appearance.

How long do BOTOX injections last?

Treatment results typically last from 3-6 months. Rare side effects of getting a BOTOX injections, such as a droopy eye, are only temporary. It is a great way to reduce your facial wrinkles. Continued use makes wrinkles less noticeable, frequently disappearing.

Are BOTOX injections permanent?

These injections are not a permanent solution to wrinkles. You must keep up with your treatments or your wrinkles will come back. Most people come in 2-4 times per year for the injections.

where on the face can botox be injected?

Where can BOTOX be injected?

  • Worry lines
  • Glabellar lines
  • Periorbital lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Perioral lines
  • Oral commissures
  • Smile lines


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