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eyelash extensions scottsdale

Eyelash Extensions Scottsdale  is a process that women rely to get the most glamorous Hollywood look. We are offering this effective way to enhance your look with our Licensed and Certified professional.

Most commonly asked questions:

What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions is like hair extensions, it will add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes.

What is the material used?
The adhesive used is surgical grade and the lashes are made of single fiber polyester thread-lke materials that are applied to individual eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look. If you would like to have a different eyelash color please, let us know in advance.

How long will take to have my eyelashes done?
It will take one to two hours of your time.

How many eyelashes it will take per eye?
It will take thirty to eighty lashes per eye. You can have the natural look.

Can I add on perm and tint to my eyelash extension?
Of course you can do that, it will enhance your eyelashes even more.

How long will my lash extensions last?
It will last from two to six weeks.

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