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There are several ways of enhancing your eyes when you go to a date or any formal event. You can have your eyelashes enhanced in volume and growth. In order to do so Latisse is the only eyelash growth product that is approved by FDA and is efficacious to make your eyelashes longer. There are not many safe product out in the market that will give your eyelashes the best result.

Latisse is a medication to treat inadequate, thinning eyelashes (hypotrichosis). The medication encourages eyelash growth of thicker, longer lashes when applied regularly.  It both increases the number of hairs and extends the growth phase. Improvements continue as long as you use the medication. When you stop using it, your eyelashes eventually return to normal state.

You will begin to see results after two months.

Instead of having false eyelashes, enhance your own eyelashes with Latisse and your favorite color mascara.

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