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Men’s Health Clinic Costs: Upon Request

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  • Vitality: Are you an active male experiencing a loss of energy or other sign of hormonal imbalance? Our men’s health “Vitality” program includes:
    • a comprehensive physical examination
    • blood work including
      • Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
      • Estradiol
      • Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) levels
      • PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) for early prostate cancer detection
  • Ageless: Program goals include increasing and maintaining vitality through exercise, nutrition, skin care, and preventative care for the most common leading causes of death. The “Ageless” men’s health program includes:
    • a comprehensive physical exam
    • blood work including
      • Testosterone and HGH
      • Estradiol
      • IGF-1
      • Cortisol and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels
      • Ferritin
      • PSA
      • Thyroid Panel
      • Homocysteine and C-reactive protein tests
      • Lipid panel
      • Vitamin D

    A skin analysis is also included and treatments will be suggested.

  • Performance: The “Performance” program is designed for men experiencing symptoms of andropause such as:
    • changes in attitudes and moods
    • fatigue
    • loss of energy
    • lack of sex drive and physical agility>/li>
    • weak bones

    Each man’s symptoms are different. There is a drop in the testosterone level that starts at age 30 and decrements by 10 percent every decade, the Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SHBG) increases and traps testosterone. The level of bioavailable testosterone decreases instead and can impact the life style of men in general.

  • Sculpting: For the perfect inside-out solution to your physical health and well-being, this program is designed to prevent future chronic disease. The “Sculpting” men’s health program includes:
    • BMI (body mass index) for weight loss program
    • 30 to 40 days of medication and medically supervised diet restriction
    • comprehensive physical exam
    • CBC
    • CMP
    • Lipid Panel
    • Thyroid Panel
    • PSA
    • Testosterone level

    It also includes fitness evaluation and coaching to design the best work out program customized for each patient.