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Kinesiology and Weight Loss

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Kinesiology and Weight Loss

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With the beginning of a new year, new fad diets burst onto the scene, promising to melt belly fat and banish flab for good. While these are full of flashy promises and before and after photos, the best plans are rooted in science and lasting lifestyle changes. If you hope to lose weight this year, kinesiology may be the best method for you.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology focuses on the body and its movements, taking in physiological, biological, and psychological perspectives. Kinesiology’s goal is to teach how and why the body responds to movement as it does. The practice uses that knowledge to create the best environments for healthy bodies.

Kinesiology relies on body and muscle movement to determine how someone’s body responds to diet and exercise, rather than diagnostic questions. Many kinesiologists use biofeedback to “converse” with your body and facilitate its natural abilities to move, burn calories, and heal itself should you sustain exercise injuries. Kinesiologists often use techniques like gentle massage, visualization, and the incorporation of flower essences or essential oils into sessions. Such techniques are meant to help clear the brain and body of sabotage patterns you may have embraced that hinder weight loss.


How a Kinesiologist Helps You

Kinesiologists are trained in the holistic tools mentioned above to determine how a client’s body operates and where he or she might be “stuck” in terms of weight loss, weight maintenance, and overall health. Kinesiologists use muscle monitoring to get to the root of stressful situations that might sabotage your weight loss efforts. Interestingly, kinesiology “bypasses the brain,” so the focus is not on how you feel about your body. Rather, kinesiologists focus on how the body responds to psychological difficulties. In so doing, they find the root of how the body is hurting itself, and retrain it to embrace healthier patterns.


What a Session Looks Likeweight loss

A typical kinesiology session is called a “balance” and lasts about an hour. During your first session, the kinesiologist will take your medical history. Afterward, you will sit or lie face-up, fully clothed, on a massage table while the kinesiologist applies muscle monitoring techniques. Such techniques let him or her determine your body’s responses and the best way to facilitate weight loss and overall health.