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Skin Care for Teens

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Skin Care For Teens

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Skin Care for Teens

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Skin Care For Teens

In order to make your life easier a good tip is to check if your skin is normal, oily or dry. After this is determined, it is time to start your skin care.

Whenever you determine that your skin is normal (even, smooth skin tone, soft texture and no visible blemishes, red spots or flaky patches, pores are barely visible and the skin surface is neither greasy nor dry) your skin is normal and what you can do is to use a mild cleanser and wash it two or three times a day. The oral hydration is very important as well to endure the coming Summer. This could be the basics for this skin type.

If you have a dry skin characterized by dull, rough, scaly and itchy with almost invisible pores. The care should be concentrated to prevent water loss from the skin. Daily wash with mild cleanser and moisturizer with a non alcohol and non perfumed moisturizer. The very hot shower, high temperature and low humidity should also be limited. The secret to have a good skin is to pat your face or body dry and apply the moisturizer while your skin is still humid, then pat your skin dry again.

In case your skin is oily, you are an acne prone. You would have open pores, a shiny complexion, blackheads, and pimples. Hormone imbalance can also influence your skin and may trigger outbreaks of acne. You should wash your face three times a day with cleanser and water utilizing a cleansing pad that will help to dissolve oil and remove the excess dirt. When dealing with pimples don’t squeeze them or pop, it can spread the inflammation and worsen acne.Use all products that would not clog the pores.

Basic Steps for Skin Care: cleanse, hydrate/moisturize, treat the conditions and protect. In order to get the best products for your skin consult our staff at Sophy’s Clinique Med Spa.