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Summer ending! What is next?

Sophy's Clinique ยป Summer ending! What is next?

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Summer ending! What is next?

Posted By sophyseditor


Summer ending is approaching. The children are going back to school, new stresses in life start to take place. And what is next?

But the most important advice? Do not panic! There is always good solutions for you. First, de stress and try to find your stamina back. Rescue your tranquility acquired during your dreamed Summer Vacation. Recharge, then start all the facial treatments, the relaxing massage and body contouring treatments, start cooking the healthiest food. Enjoy your daily family life. Remember that the time spent with your children can dissipate really fast. Call us at Sophy’s and schedule your appointment and pamper yourself. The facials are a good way to help to eliminate the damaged skin cells acquired due to the sun exposure. Besides that, the massage of the chacras will help definitely relax your stress.

The application of hydrating mask will give you the send of skin renewal. Proceeding with the body contour you feel all the toxins accumulated been eliminated through the lymphatic system. We believe in Lymphatic drainage. After the body detox, we need to think about organ detox. In order to achieve the best detox, we need to add good food in our diet. Artichoke is the best element to help in the liver detox. For kidney detox how about trying a Jamaica tea. This will help your excess urea disappear from your body. Drink lots of water to wash out all the toxins. Last of all try to cheer up your spirits, use the theory of pass forward positive energy. People around you will be greatful for such a gesture. Family and Friend gatherings will consolidate your happy Summer ending.

Make new adjustments with good humor and thoughtfully. The results will be surprising. The planning for fall break could be your next project, get excited.