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The Best Vitamin Supplements to Support Weight Loss

Sophy's Clinique » The Best Vitamin Supplements to Support Weight Loss


The Best Vitamin Supplements to Support Weight Loss

Posted By sophyspublisher

When you’re dieting, vitamin supplements can be a big help, but there are so many vitamin choices on the market it can be confusing. To get the most out of a healthier lifestyle, supplements can help augment your exercise regimen and diet. Many people don’t realize that cutting questionably nutritious foods may cut calories while also depriving the body of essential vitamins. Before choosing any vitamin supplements, take an inventory of your typical daily diet to figure out which vitamins you may be lacking.

Vitamin B-12

Most people assume vitamin B-12 is a fat-burner that boosts metabolism, but there is no solid evidence supporting this belief. Vitamin B-12 does help with nerve function, blood cell production, and DNA production. Foods such as beef liver, eggs, whole-grain cereals, tuna, and clams are rich in vitamin B-12. If these foods aren’t part of your regular diet, you’ll want to work in a vitamin B-12 supplement.


Clinical trials haven’t established a clear link between calcium consumption and weight loss. While a calcium supplement may not directly contribute to your weight loss plan, it will support healthy teeth and bones. Additionally, calcium helps maintain your muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, all of which help keep the body suited for regular exercise. Most people who turn to healthier diets cut dairy products due to their high fat content, which can sometimes lead to a calcium deficiency. If you aren’t including dark leafy greens, low-fat dairy foods, or tofu into your diet, consider a calcium supplement.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

While some studies have indicated omega-3 fatty acids support weight loss, there is no definitive proof. These essential acids protect your circulatory system and the health of your heart, enabling you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Baked or grilled fish is one of the best foods for omega-3 fatty acids. If salmon, sardines, tuna, or trout aren’t part of your diet, an omega-3 fatty acid supplement can make up the difference.

Green Tea

Green tea offers several benefits in addition to a healthy caffeine boost. Some research has shown the polyphenols in green tea can boost your resting metabolic rate by as much as 17 percent. Green tea warms you up and helps release waste calories as heat.
It’s important to remember these supplements aren’t going to help you lose weight on their own. However, they play an important role in your daily diet, boosting the body’s systems and making up for any vitamin deficiencies you may have developed from cutting out certain foods.

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